Evolutive increasingly used by Growth Hubs & LEPs throughout the UK.
Evolutive provides LEPs with a platform to improve the way enquiries are captured, managed, shared and followed up to ensure a coordinated and collective response. Evolutive enables a more effective and streamlined way of dealing with enquiries, improving the overall provision of coordinated business support in the LEP area. 

Key functionality of the Evolutive system allows for the recording, management and referral of business enquiries, including subsequent tracking, follow up and feedback to the LEP as to resulting actions undertaken and outcomes achieved. 

In addition, Evolutive CRM is also used throughout the UK to deliver, manage and monitor multiple grant and funding programmes including ERDF, ESIF and RGF projects. 

Other functionality of the system includes employability management (participant / job seeker tracking), commercial property and land database, online property search portal, events management and automated marketing capabilities (e-newsletters & questionnaires). 

For more information about Evolutive and how it can be used to support Growth Hubs, please email info@alciumsoftware.com 
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